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Establishing foundational Drama skills and developing specific professional and transferable skills, building character and furthering social justice are at the forefront of the Drama curriculum

Students are taught to be culturally aware of themselves through exploration techniques identifying different character traits, behaviours and relationships. Learning about historical, social, political and cultural contexts through a diverse curriculum develops students’ empathy skills, allowing them to become better judges of their own character while also identifying areas of social justice. Drama education continues past the classroom into extra-curricular activities – such as rehearsals, performances, workshops and trips to professional theatres. Developing confidence, creativity, critical thinking, team work, communication, leadership and cultural awareness are all skills and experiences that shape our students’ moral judgement.

Students at Tiffin Girls’ will be given the opportunity to explore a wide variety of plays from different time periods, learn about past and current theatre practitioners, devise their own performances and write their own scripts. Students will take part in showcase evenings where they will have the opportunity to share their performances with friends and family. Students will be taken to the theatre and taught how to analyse and evaluate live theatre performances. Students will also be taught about production elements such as set, costume, sound and lighting design. There are also opportunities for students to experience theatre abroad as well – previously we took Years 10 and 11 to New York.

The study of Drama at Tiffin Girls’ actively draws on students’ attitudes, values and opinions, enhancing students’ spiritual, moral and cultural development alongside developing their academic and practical dramatic skills.