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Education Support Fund

The Education Support Fund is a discretionary source of financial help available to families of all registered Tiffin Girls’ students.

Set up by the Support Tiffin Girls’ School Company (STGSC), the fund is allocated depending on need, demonstration of educational benefit and funds available.  STGSC recognises there are families who might need financial support during their child’s education from time to time, and its aim is to help those who have difficulties in paying for aspects of school life with regard to:

  • Curriculum trips and visits
  • Uniform, shoes or PE kit
  • Equipment (e.g. calculator or ingredients for cookery classes)
  • Exceptional travel expenses

Requests for financial support outside of these categories are considered at the discretion of the trustees. Payments from the fund are discretionary, are made as a grant, not a loan, and do not need to be repaid. There is limited funding available each academic year. The trustees can grant up to £500 per student each academic year. The minimum grant is £10.

Who is eligible?

The trustees will consider requests for a grant from the Education Support Fund from the following groups of students who are:

  • in receipt of free school meals or eligible for Pupil Premium or Service Premium funding
  • in receipt of a sixth form bursary
  • in families with an annual household income below £28,000
  • registered with special educational needs or disabilities
  • currently in care or who have been previously been in care
  • Young Carers

At the discretion of the trustees, any family who does not fall within these categories but considers themselves to be in financial need.

How to apply to the Education Support Fund

Parents/carers (or students aged 18) should complete and submit the application form below.