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Clubs and Societies

Students can get involved in the exceptional range of clubs, societies and extra-curricular activities at lunchtime, after school, or sometimes in the holidays and at weekends.

These opportunities contribute to the development of our students as rounded young adults. They discover new interests and friends, challenge themselves to develop their leadership skills, and gain in confidence and independence. Many of these activities also open doors to further opportunities. For example, students in our debating clubs have regularly been accepted into the England Debating Development Squad, others have taken on roles in Youth Parliament, and students in our choirs and orchestras have had the opportunity to perform in central London and in venues in Europe.

Beyond the clubs and societies offered by departments or individual staff, many are organised by students. This means that the offering can change from year to year, and can be incredibly varied. Recent clubs and societies have included Harry Potter Club, Origami Club, LBGT+ Society, Translation Club, Dissection Club, Secret Kindness Club, Wimbledon Ball Girl Training, Mythology Club, Model United Nations and Psychology Club.

Our co-curricular programme is complemented by a range of student-led magazines. These are often led by sixth formers, but students from right across the age range are welcome to contribute articles, ideas, designs or even help in the editing process. In 2022-23, our student publications have included our Psychology Digest and The Tiffin Scientist. In previous years, our student publications have featured everything from politics to poetry, with plenty in between, and recently a team of senior students have collaborated to produce our first series of sixth form podcasts covering activism, the anthropocene era and the human genome project.