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Sixth Form Admissions

In our Sixth Form, we continue the school’s aims of high academic achievement and helping every student to engage positively with school life and develop to their full potential.

Our students are taught by subject specialists, and the vast majority achieve grades A*, A and B at A-Level. We have an excellent record of entry into the most competitive universities and degree courses.

The Sixth Form team takes individual advice and guidance very seriously on all aspects of Sixth Form life, beginning with the options process. Aspiring Sixth Formers need to consider their options wisely to choose a set of subjects that will engage them and play to their strengths. The school will take into consideration an applicant’s overall profile, including their GCSE results, before agreeing to them studying any particular set of subjects. We aim to help our students decide wisely, both about their participation in Sixth Form life and for their future careers and education.

All aspiring Sixth Formers need to apply to join our Sixth Form, including our current Year 11 students as well as those applying to join us from other schools. Full details of the admissions process can be found in the Determined Admissions Arrangements document available on this page. Please note that for external applicants, we have recently amended our admissions policy to prioritise disadvantaged students, such as those in care or in receipt of free school meals or pupil premium funding.

Internal students

Current Year 11 students will be guided through the process of choosing their A-Level options with assemblies and form time. They will be asked to submit their A-Level choices using their webPortal account by 8 March 2024 and this will act as their application to sixth form. Once they have completed their A-Level options, all current Year 11 students will automatically have a conditional offer of a place in sixth form which they can secure by meeting the entry requirements as outlined in the admissions policy below.

External applicants

For any external candidates interested in applying for entry to Sixth Form in September 2024, please note that our Sixth Form Open Evening has already taken place for this entry point, on Thursday 23 November 2023. We are not able to arrange other opportunities for individuals to visit the school, however, all the necessary details about how to make an application to join our Sixth Form for September 2024 can be found on this website. All our admissions for external students are done in the immediate post-GCSE results period, so there are no advance applications. There is no application form to be completed until the summer of 2024.

If you intend to make an external application in the summer of 2024 and would like to register for information updates, please enter your contact details in the google form (link below).

Link: External applicants link for email updates



All enquiries relating to Sixth Form admissions should be sent to the following email: [email protected]