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The school recognises the importance and benefits of school trips.

The aims of trips are therefore to support and develop:

  • Community: to widen students’ experiences, to contribute to the wider community and develop social and cultural capital
  • Love of learning: to build and extend knowledge, understanding and skills beyond the classroom, to gain deeper subject knowledge, develop investigative skills (for longer fieldwork) and to provide experiences that are not available in the classroom
  • Character: to build independence, increase confidence, risk-awareness, self-esteem and coping strategies and develop relationships with staff and peers.

The types of trips run by The Tiffin Girls’ School are:

  • Sports fixtures run by the PE department
  • Short visits close to the school
  • Day trips
  • Coursework trips
  • Residential trips in the UK
  • Residential trips outside the UK.

Details of the intended trips during the academic year for each year group are communicated to parents in September.