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Pastoral Care

House System

At The Tiffin Girls’ School we appreciate that school spirit, friendly competition, positive participation and charity fundraising are all important aspects of school life. This is embodied in our house system, bringing students in all year groups together to contribute to their house throughout the year.

Each house is run by two Sixth Form House Officers, and the house system gives every student the chance to engage with a healthy sense of competition through a range of sporting, creative and intellectual events in every term. The house system also provides a vehicle for major whole-school events such as Sports Day and the much-loved School Birthday, with all these events accruing points for the highly coveted Belitha Trophy, our annual house cup, currently held by Flavell after a remarkable run of success spanning eight years.

Beyond this, the house system gives opportunities to raise thousands of pounds annually for the six house charities, and helps to develop integration and supportive relationships between different year groups.

The houses are named after former headteachers of the school, and each house has an associated colour:

Bebbington – Red
Flavell – Yellow
Nicolle – Purple
Orford – Orange
Schofield – Blue
Watson – Green