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Student Leadership

The development of leadership skills is a key focus in our school, and takes place in the classroom, in pastoral activities such as mini enterprise and in extra-curricular activities such as Duke of Edinburgh.

Within each form group, students can apply for the following positions:

  • Eco Rep
  • Diversity Rep
  • Charity Rep
  • Community Rep
  • Love of Learning Reps
  • House Captain
  • Form Captain
  • Deputy Form Captain
  • Archivist

At the end of Year 7, students take part in a leadership workshop, which lays the foundation for a continuing focus on developing the skills of communication, collaboration and courage as students continue their school career.
In Year 9, many of our students support a transition project with Year 5 students from local schools, and our Year 10 students visit local primary schools to support primary students’ reading. Year 10 students also receive training to support young students who are members of our literacy support groups.

As students move through the school, there are additional opportunities. Many students choose to run extra-curricular clubs, or charity events. In the sixth form, students can take on roles as a Subject Associate, Prefect, Form Associate, Subject Mentor, House Officer, Technical Support Officer, Deputy Head Girl or Head Girl.

Subject Mentors work with younger students who need additional support in a particular subject area. Form Associates work with a younger form to support their progress and provide pastoral support and a friendly, older face. Our House Officers oversee all of the activities within our House Competition. Our Head Girl Team takes on responsibility for a number of areas, including charity fundraising, eco initiatives and work with the local community. In this, they are ably assisted by the form reps for each of these areas, who contribute to the organisation of events including RAG week, Eco conferences and visiting some of our senior citizens in local care homes at Christmas.