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Young Enterprise

The Young Enterprise Company Programme is an international competition that enables young people to set up and run a student company under the guidance of a business volunteer. At Tiffin Girls’ we enter two teams of twenty-five Year 12 students each year. Students make all the decisions about their business from deciding on the company name and managing the company finances, to selling to the public. Those taking part gain practical business experience and key skills.

After applications and interviews a small group of students are appointed to the roles of Managing Directors and Deputy Managing Directors. Those students will then select their teams with positions available in Sales, Marketing, Finance, Operations, Human Resources, Sustainability and Digital. The variety of roles ensures that there are opportunities for all students to take part, regardless of their prior experience or A-Level subjects. Leadership opportunities run throughout the team and all members will be given the chance to engage in face to face selling. Teams create a ‘cash’ product with the aim of generating finance to use towards the development and marketing of their main product. This is researched, trialed and created over many months before being sold to the public.

In the 2020/21 Company Programme, Apricus, one of the teams from Tiffin Girls’, came in second place nationally at the Company of the Year awards with their product ‘Sew Simple’. Teams have consistently won awards at both regional showcases and at Trade Fairs.

Young Enterprise is a national charity with the mission to empower young people to discover, develop and celebrate their skill and potential.