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About Us

Vision and Values

From its foundation in 1880 to the present day, The Tiffin Girls’ School seeks to provide a learning environment in which students can live up to the school’s motto ‘sapere aude – dare to be wise’. 


‘Our community is vibrant, curious, creative and inspires positive change. We dare to be wise’.



Central to achieving this vision are the school’s core values of:



Celebrating our diverse and inclusive community, promoting a culture of giving and encouraging students to be active citizens in society


Love of Learning

Inspiring students to pursue their passions with freedom of intellect and being challenged to think creatively and critically



Building resilience, confidence and independence with integrity and respect for others


These three values are all considered when planning for learning, delivering our lessons, in the opportunities we provide, the standards we set, and in our daily interactions with the students.

By providing a holistic education focused on the areas of service to others in the Community, nurturing a Love of Learning and supporting the development of Character, we are confident the next generation of Tiffin girls will go on to demonstrate these core values in their future lives and leave the school with a very clear sense of who they are and, more importantly, how to embrace and flourish in life.