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Physical Education

The PE department at The Tiffin Girls’ School prides itself on developing high levels of physical literacy and engaging learners in all aspects of health and wellbeing through a wide ranging and tailored curriculum.

The Physical Education department promotes positive opportunities to participate fully through learning new sports, applying knowledge inside and outside the PE classroom, developing skills in leadership, officiating and coaching. Curriculum learning is supported by a vast network of extra curricular opportunities which extend from interhouse events, in school representation on the school and borough teams, to community involvement in local clubs and national competitions. While participating fully in lessons and the extra curricular programme is an integral part of school life at Tiffin Girls’, the PE department caters for all ability ranges, providing specialist coaching to gifted and talented pupils, as well as recreational clubs for those seeking to develop their health and wellbeing.

PE students benefit from a broad range of expert knowledge from staff in wide ranging fields. Students are encouraged to develop a positive attitude to sport, their own physical literacy as well as understanding components of a healthy and balanced lifestyle. At Key Stage 3, students gain a broad yet indepth knowledge and understanding of curriculum sports, as well as gaining regular opportunities to lead, officiate and work in small groups to build self-esteem. At Key Stage 4, students have access to a wide variety of sporting activities from ultimate frisbee to handball. At Key Stage 5 students choose from a wide variety of sporting options from yoga to spin classes which allow them to tailor their curriculum to match their individual needs. The Sports Studies GCSE course (Edexcel) builds on existing practical performance skills, whilst offering students the opportunity to learn new theory content surrounding the ‘fitness and body systems’ and ‘health and performance’. Students further develop their research skills, communication, self-discipline, organisation and planning, presentation skills and teamwork. The mix between practical, theory and coursework content ensures lessons are stimulating and helps build on students’ knowledge in other subject areas such as Maths and Biology.