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Religious Studies

Religious Studies at The Tiffin Girls’ School is a thriving subject which brings together the many experiences of our diverse school community.

The Religious Studies department encourages students to think about their own beliefs through the exploration of other faiths, belief systems, social mores and cultures. The study of religion is a fascinating one, as relevant now as it has ever been, stimulating ideas, debate and bringing a wider context to other subjects such as literature and history. From the study of individual belief systems to exploring ethics and morality, the Religious Studies department strives to enhance students’ broad educational experience.

The subject offers great scope for learning about, and learning from, different religious backgrounds, through classroom study, visits from guest speakers and visits to local places of worship. Religious Studies students are encouraged to think and reflect on the meaning and purpose of life and to consider their place in the world among people of different religious backgrounds. Exploring how religious beliefs underpin many world events and political conflicts gives students a spiritual and moral understanding that is highly relevant in today’s global community. Students learn individually and in collaborative group situations, developing analytical skills and debating skills.

Religious Studies students leave with a lifelong appreciation of the central role faith has for many people. The varied skills developed in the subject are transferable to a range of careers. In addition to Theology and Philosophy, previous A-Level students have gone on to study subjects such as English Literature, Medicine and Law.