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The Art department at The Tiffin Girls’ School is dedicated to delivering a broad range of study that spans many creative disciplines for all key stages. We aim to improve students’ overall abilities with verbal, visual and hands-on learning experiences.

As specialist art teachers we aim to foster aesthetic development; the ability to construct, create, decode, describe and synthesise information. Students at Key Stage 3 start with one hour per week, moving to two hours at Key Stage 4 and four hours at Key Stage 5.

The visual arts are a fundamental part of the cultural heritage of every student and as such enhances our quality of life. Art is the medium that allows us to connect our imaginations with the history of human existence. Studying civilisation and creative expression throughout history and across cultures enables students to experience diversity and is multiculturalism in practice. Art helps students develop the attitudes, characteristics and intellectual skills required to participate effectively in today’s society and economy.

Our comprehensive art programme enhances cognitive development, social skills, self-esteem, and most importantly allows for self-expression in an environment that always welcomes personal opinions. Students’ reasoning, imagination, dexterity and intuition develop as they progress through the key stages. When students specialise in art they learn to analyse, critique, defend, ask what-if questions and explore alternative points of view. This enables our students to be effective, able and creative visual communicators.

Many of our students go on to study at top specialist art institutions and universities to read a range of degrees such as Architecture, Fashion, Fine Art, Engineering and the History of Art.