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The Geography department at The Tiffin Girls’ School is dedicated to achieving excellence by enabling its students to develop a deep understanding of the physical and human environments around us and the way in which they are inter-related.

We set out to help our students develop an acute awareness of how our lives are intrinsically linked to people and places all around the world, learning from past and present conditions to help predict and prepare for the future.

Geography is a vibrant and engaging study which encourages students to appreciate the unique nature of our world. By investigating the diverse nature of life on this planet, the mechanisms for change and spectacular landscapes, students are able to make better sense of the processes which shape our environment and their role within these. Consequently, geographers are highly adept at analysing current events, making it a highly relevant subject in today’s world.

There are many opportunities (both in the classroom and on fieldtrips) to explore ideas and concerns through discussion and debate, as well as through research-based projects or problem-solving exercises. The enthusiasm with which students receive the subject is reflected in the growing number who choose to pursue Geography at A-Level and university level.

Along the way, a student of Geography will learn key transferable skills, useful for any career they choose to pursue and they will recognise the value in being inquisitive, not simply accepting a scenario or outcome at face value. As a geographer, you are trained to observe the world through a lens that allows you to develop links between concepts, understand causes and effects in detail and evaluate future possible outcomes so that you can be an informed and effective member of the global community, as well as of your local community.