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The overriding aim of the Economics department at the Tiffin Girls’ School is to develop students who are confident in making decisions at all levels of society.

Economics considers choices that are and are not made by individuals, households, firms and governments. If our students can better understand these choices then they have a better chance of exerting their own positive influence.

The Economics department at Tiffin Girls’ delivers a course that aims to foster independent learning and thought. As students progress they are encouraged, forge and discuss their own opinions and use them as part of work. Over the two years students will study how markets work and why they fail, the UK economy, business economics, labour markets and the global economy. Whilst economic theory might remain the same, the world around it changes. The department regularly makes use of current events to contextualise learning and generate a deeper understanding. Students enter many competitions and there have been recent successes in the Royal Economics Society Young Economist of the Year, the Financial Times Young Journalist of the Year and the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales BASE competition.

Many students who have chosen Economics go on to study it in some form at a top university. As well as straight Economics students have studied courses such as Economics and Management, Economic History, Economics and Finance, Economics and Politics, and Economics and Accounting.