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The Biology department at The Tiffin Girls School is dedicated to inspiring our students to explore and understand the living world. We foster critical thinking, problem solving, discussion and creativity.

At both GCSE and A-Level we study the AQA course and we are an extremely popular subject at A-Level.

An understanding of Biology gives us the tools to navigate the modern world, to understand where we fit in our ecosystem and in the broad tree of life. Our focus on deconstructing how science works gives students the skills necessary to assess critically scientific claims and draw conclusions about their validity.

Our strong focus on practical work and experimentation in the classroom fosters key lab skills which train students to be methodical and accurate, as well as giving them a much deeper understanding of the scientific method and an appreciation for the hard work and dedication of the scientists behind key breakthroughs in our understanding of all aspects of science. Our aim is always to inspire our students to ask questions, argue their point, to evaluate and explore complex theories in a systematic and analytical way.

As part of our broad educational offering in the Biology department we put a priority on providing students with opportunity. Some examples of what we do for this include the Biology Challenge for Year 10, the Biology Olympiad for Years 12 and 13, external essay competitions, yearly trips to Biology in Action, and extra curricular clubs run both by staff and sixth formers – including dissection club, neuroscience club, medicine society and marine biology club.

Each year we appoint Biology associates who play an important role in supporting the department, as well as a mentoring programme for sixth formers to support younger students with their studies.

Many of our students go on to use their Biology education as a springboard to study a degree in Biology itself, or Medicine, Dentistry, Biochemistry, Natural sciences, Biomedical Science, Veterinary Medicine, Marine Biology and a wide range of other related courses at Oxford, Cambridge and other Russell Group universities.