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Help us raise £14,444 for the School’s 144th birthday!

On Friday 9 February, the whole school will be coming together to mark the 144th anniversary of the founding of The Tiffin Girls’ School with its traditional school birthday celebration.

A wonderful opportunity for the students to have fun, compete in house activities and come together as a whole school community. Historically, it has been the school’s custom to launch a birthday appeal for funds to support a particular project that will benefit the students and this year, we would like to revive this custom and ask for a 144th school birthday donation to support the refurbishment of the two first floor PE changing rooms. These spaces will have new showering facilities, with lockable cubicles, and double the amount of toilet facilities currently available, which will ensure the health, wellbeing and comfort of all the students. The cost of the refurbishment is in excess of £100,000 and is a project supported by the PSA and the Support Company. One-off birthday donations in line with the age of the school will help us reach our target figure of £14,444.

Please give whatever you can: £1.44 or £14.44 or £144 or more. Donations can be made via ParentMail before 12 February or online at

Throughout the week, students and staff will be engaging in some birthday challenges and events focused on the number 144 to help our fundraising efforts. Click here to see the list of events on the school birthday page of our alumnae website, including the origins of the school birthday tradition, the best birthday cake recipe and the secret of the number 144. You will also be able to watch some of the excitement on the day itself, including the candle lighting ceremony.

The school birthday is a very special day in the school calendar and we hope you will join us in celebrating the foundation of The Tiffin Girls’ School and help us to ensure its longevity for the years to come.