It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to The Tiffin Girls' School, a vibrant and happy community where the girls take centre stage. 


From its foundation in 1880 to the present day, The Tiffin Girls’ School seeks to provide an education where girls can live up to the school’s motto sapere aude – dare to be wise. There are currently 1219 girls in the school, aged between 11 and 18.

As the school has grown and evolved, so have its aims. In a global climate, the focus is on ensuring the students develop into individuals who are fully prepared, both personally and academically, for the challenges of modern day life. Our vision is to provide ‘an intellectually stimulating and outward-facing school, enabling students to flourish and contribute to society’. We achieve that by focusing on our three core values of ‘Community’, ‘Love of Learning’ and ‘Character’.

The exam results our students achieve are outstanding and enable them to go on to the universities or higher education destinations of their choice. But this is only one facet of a Tiffin Girls’ education. On entering the school there is a real sense of inclusivity, challenge, independence, questioning stereotypes and creativity that permeates the school, creating a culture and ethos that translates into a very special and unique teaching and learning environment.

The school encourages students to aspire to excellence in everything they do, whether that be: academic excellence, a passion and enthusiasm for the creative and performing arts, sporting prowess, service to others or student leadership. A stimulating and rewarding range of extra curricular and co-curricular activities, many of which are student-led, contributes equally to shaping inquisitive, confident, dynamic and successful individuals.

The students flourish in their time here. A caring and strong pastoral system, combined with the enduring friendship groups they make, underpins daily student life and provides an environment in which students feel happy and safe. The school also benefits greatly from a very positive relationship with parents, with whom we work closely to encourage and support the students.

As Headteacher, it is my responsibility to ensure the students not only achieve highly, but also develop the compassion, skills, knowledge and confidence to become the very best version of themselves. By providing a holistic education focused on the areas of service to others in the community, nurturing a love of learning and supporting the development of character, I am confident the next generation of Tiffin girls will go on to demonstrate these core values in their future lives and leave the school with a very clear sense of a shared identity as a Tiffin girl.

Ian Keary