Admissions Timetable for entry into Year 7 in September 2021


Dates for Stage One and Stage Two tests

Our Stage One and Stage Two tests have been moved back in line with government guidance.
Our Stage One test will take place on Thursday 15 October 2020. If an additional day is required this will be Friday 16 October 2020.
With regard the actual test, please be reassured that while setting the test, we have taken into account the school closure affecting Year 5. Please note the Stage One test is a sifting test and there is no pre-set pass mark.
The outcome of the Stage One test will not be available before the CAF deadline of 31 October 2020.
Some local authorities will adjust their admissions arrangements to take these new timescales into account.
Stage Two tests will take place on Saturday 21 November 2020.
These dates are subject to change in the event of any local lockdowns.

Extension of the SIF deadline

The SIF deadline has been moved back by a week. The deadline for registering to sit the Stage One test and returning all paperwork to the school is now 12.00 noon on Tuesday 8 September 2020.

Monday 8 June 2020 Online registration for the Stage One test is now CLOSED
Tuesday 7 July 2020 Open Evening will be a virtual experience
Thursday 16 July 2020 Please complete your registration and return paperwork by today. The admissions department does not work in the summer holiday
Tuesday 8 September 2020
12.00 noon is the SIF deadline for registering for the Stage One test AND returning all paperwork to the school. THIS IS NOW CLOSED
Thursday 15 October 2020
Stage One test (If an additional day is required due to high number of candidates, it is scheduled for Friday 16 October)
Saturday 31 October 2020
Deadline to complete your local authority Application (the CAF Deadline). The Stage One test outcome will not be available before the CAF Deadline
Week of 9 November 2020
(date to be confirmed)
Parents notified if their daughter is invited to the Stage Two test
Saturday 21 November 2020 Stage Two test for those invited
Monday 1 March 2021 Evening: Offers made by your local authority via the eAdmissions website
Tuesday 2 March 2021
Stage Two test results emailed by the school to parents of girls who have not been offered a higher preference school and are on the waiting list


The full admissions policy for 2021 entry and a list of FAQs are under the title Important Documents below. A condensed overview can be found in the Summary Guidance.

Our catchment area is made up of an Inner Area and a Designated Area and girls living in these Areas are given priority. Disadvantaged children are given the highest priority in our oversubscription criteria: those who are looked after children or previously looked after children, those in the catchment area who are eligible for means-tested free school meals, or those in the catchment area who are registered as a service child at their current school.

Since the Designated Area was introduced in September 2014, all places have been offered to girls living within it. It is anticipated that the school will continue to be heavily oversubscribed and that the offer of all places will be accepted by girls living within the Designated Area. The Designated Area is the 44 postal districts listed in the documents below and the Inner Area zone is the 10 named electoral wards.

Important Documents

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Year 7 admissions:

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