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TechGirl23 competition winners

Entrants were encouraged to think critically about their own school experience to identify an important challenge facing the education system, and to think creatively about how technology can be used to solve that problem.

Many congratulations to Neha and Yu Syuan on their winning entries in the TechGirl23 competition. Along with eight other winners, they will receive ongoing mentorship from female industry leaders and were presented with an award at a ceremony in London on Tuesday 16 May.

The winning ideas included the use of holograms to make complex diagrams more accessible, pods designed for neuro-divergent children, and advancements in mental health and sustainability technologies. Neha’s award was for her idea of using brain computing technology to measure students’ attention spans in order to adapt learning styles and techniques to suit their needs.

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For Neha, this award adds to her third place success in the Non-Trivial fellowship, which encourages students aged 14-20 to work on a project to tackle the world’s most pressing problems. Together with her partner, their focus was international AI ethics and standards – a project they are looking to develop over the summer.