The Blue Bicycle Student Magazine

Founding Editors, Amelia Brown, Sarah Howden and Katie Illiffe:

"There have been school magazines before, over the years, but this time we want it to be different. We want this to be your magazine where you can write about what interests you, a space for you to write what you want. In these pages you will find articles on fashion, music, science, sport, the biggest political scandals, the reddest lipsticks, all written by you, for you.

"So for the origins of the name. Well we brainstormed and we brainstormed and we brainstormed, Tiffin-related things, non-Tiffin related things, and then 'The Blue Bicycle'. We liked it, sort of because it relates to the Tiffin blue, and we just like the sound of it. A bicycle can carry anything, go anywhere, just as this magazine can contain anything, all the thoughts that you have been wanting to put on paper, the rants, the creativity, the articles. It's our bike to cycle wherever we want, however we want."