The aim of homework at The Tiffin Girls’ School is to encourage the continuation of learning at home as an essential part of a student’s education. Homework not only reinforces classroom learning, it also helps students to develop skills, attitudes and understanding. 

The key objectives of setting homework are:

  • Consolidating and reinforcing knowledge, understanding and skills developed at school. This can be summarised as ARC (Application, Research and Consolidation)
  • To encourage students to develop the skills, confidence and motivation needed to study effectively on their own
  • Extending school learning or preparing for the next steps in the learning process, for example through additional reading
  • Managing particular demands, such as GCSE and A-Level coursework.

The set homework is an integral part of the curriculum. Planning for homework is as integral as planning for learning. Homework will be appropriate to the age, ability and circumstances of all our students. The homework policy clearly outlines the responsibilities teachers, Heads of Department, students and parents have in regards to homework. 

The Key Downloads include:

  • The homework policy
  • Organisation for homework
  • The homework timetables for each year group
  • The guidelines for students that are in the student planner (advice for students)

The homework policy should be read in conjunction with the following documents which can be found on the policies page:

  • Teaching and Learning Policy
  • Assessment and Marking Policy
  • Literacy Policy
  • Behaviour for Learning Policy
  • Home-School Agreement
  • Student Code of Conduct