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From the Attendance Policy
School holidays are published a year in advance on the school website. Therefore, there should not be a reason for parents/carers to take their child out of school during term time. In exceptional circumstances, permission for absence can be applied for, using the Absence Request form at least 3 weeks in advance, to allow the school time for appropriate consideration and a response to be made.

Parents/carers are asked most earnestly not to arrange dental or medical appointments during school sessions, except in cases of urgency, so that considerable interference with school work is avoided. In the exceptional case of a medical/dental appointment being made, parents/carers should inform the Attendance Administrator (Years 7-11)/ Sixth Form Administrator, in advance, of the date and time of the appointment via the Absence Request form. 

When a student is absent from school, parents/carers should use the webPortal to notify the school of the reason for the absence. Absences will not be authorised without webPortal explanation to detail the reason for absence. Parents/ carers are required to notify the school on each day of the student’s absence by 8.25am.

On the day of the student returning to school, a communication should be sent into the school office containing a full explanation of the student’s absence via the webPortal.