Welcome to The Tiffin Girls’ School webPortal by TASC Insight

The webPortal gives you unique access to current information on your daughter’s progress in school, including her reports and her attendance record. Please click on the icon below to gain access to the webPortal.



Parents, students and teachers are able to use the secure webPortal. If you have any queries that are not answered in the Frequently Asked Questions in the Key Downloads box to the left, please contact helpdesk@tiffingirls.org for help.

How do I get a login name and password?

If you are a student or parent of a student at The Tiffin Girls’ School you will be provided with login credentials that will provide you access to our webPortal powered by TASC Insight.

What do I do if I forget my password?

When you click on the webPortal link you will be directed to the webPortal launch platform. Underneath where you would otherwise enter your login credentials you will find a tool that will allow you to reset your password to a temporary one. This new temporary password will be emailed to you and should be changed immediately upon logging into the webPortal.