Support Tiffin Girls' School Company (STGSC)

Established in 1998, the Support Tiffin Girls School Company (Registered Charity Number 1069996) was set up to manage the voluntary donations made by parents and friends of the school. A large proportion of parents donate regularly to STGSC, making this a key source of our funding. Over the years, regular parental giving has enabled us to realise many important capital projects and support the school where it needs it the most. The charity is managed by five trustees comprising a parent, an alumna and three members of the school staff.

Why do we need support?

The school needs to raise funds, in addition to those provided by central government, in order to provide additional resources, equipment and extra curricular activities for the students and in order to develop the school’s facilities.

The positive impact of regular giving

Thanks to parental donations in 2018-19, the school was able to provide the following:

  • Matched funding for the new teaching block ‘Rivermead’

Parent contributions of £550,000 helped secure funding of £924,000 from the Department for Education to build Rivermead. The new building houses three new classrooms and improved Performing Arts and Design Technology learning spaces.

  • Science laboratory refurbishment

Parent contributions of £21,000 helped secure funding of £50,000 from The Wolfson Trust to help refurbish an old science laboratory. All our science laboratories are now equipped to teach class sizes of 30.

  • Departmental support

Parental contributions of £79,000 went towards teaching resources and extra curricular support for all curriculum subjects.

The school’s focus for 2019 - 2020

While we will continue to provide additional resources for all subject areas, we are focusing on supporting Art, Drama, Music, PE and Design and Technology as creative and performing areas that add so much value to our students’ education. Our Rivermead Appeal was launched to raise the £50,000 needed to equip and furnish the new Rivermead building. To donate to the Rivermead Appeal, please click on the Rivermead Appeal Donate Now button or choose one of the alternative payment options listed on the Fundraising page.


Making a regular donation

The current suggested regular parental contribution for a student in all year groups is £50 a month, which equates to £200 a term. This amounts to £11.50 a week. Every contribution is voluntary, confidential and appreciated equally.

A regular contribution by Direct Debit spreads the cost of your donation across the year. Monthly direct debits are collected on 29th of the month. You can also use the online +Pay facility on ParentMail. If you wish to start donating on a regular monthly basis by Direct Debit, please complete and sign the Direct Debit form in the Key Downloads box (above left) and post it to:
Finance Office
The Tiffin Girls’ School
Richmond Road
Kingston upon Thames

If you are already giving by Direct Debit, you do not need to do anything as the Direct Debit will automatically roll over until you give notice to stop or until the school automatically cancels it at the end of your daughter’s last year (usually Year 13).

If you wish to increase your donation, please email with your daughter’s name, the increased amount you are able to give and the month the increase will begin.


Gift Aid: Make your donation achieve even more at no extra cost to y£10gift-aid_image.jpgou

As a registered charity, gift aid allows us to be tax efficient. The benefits of gift aid are considerable. If you pay tax on any kind of income, the school is entitled to reclaim the basic rate of tax that you have already paid on your gift at no cost to you. For example a £50.00 monthly donation with gift aid is worth £62.50 to the school. Higher rate taxpayers can also reclaim the difference between standard and higher rate tax on their donation through their tax return, meaning it costs even less to give.

If you have already signed a gift aid form in previous years, you do not need to do anything. If you have not yet signed up to gift aid, please complete and sign the Gift Aid Declaration in the Key Downloads box (above left) and post it to the Finance Office at the address above.

Matched funding

More and more companies in UK offer employees the chance to boost their donations to a charitable non-profit organisation by ‘matching’ the money their employee gives. These gifts can range in maximum size and ratio, but many companies will match and double the amount of your regular contribution to STGSC or make a one-off donation towards a specific school fundraising campaign. Each company has its own criteria and philanthropic schemes often change. Generally speaking, banks and building societies, insurance companies, supermarkets, utility providers, phone companies and car manufacturers are known historically to support matched funding. The list of these companies can be found in the Key Downloads box (above left). We would encourage you to contact your company’s HR department if your own company is not listed to discuss any support or scheme they may offer, and get in touch with our Finance Office at