Letters are emailed electronically via ParentMail:

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Absence Request link click here 
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Absence requests can only be submitted online. Parents can access the online form by clicking the absence request above. The online form must be submitted by a Parent/Carer and the outcome of the request will be sent directly to the email address we hold for the child.
If you are reporting a student's absence through illness, you must use the webPortal. Do not use this form to report a student's illness.

Students of school age must, by law, attend school. If your child is to be away from school you need to ask the school to approve the absence in advance, which we will do in exceptional cases. Permission for absence can be applied for, using the Absence Request form at least three weeks in advance, to allow the school time for appropriate consideration and a response to be made. Any absence taken for any event that is not requested in advance will be recorded as 'unauthorised'. Regular dental and optician check-ups should be arranged to take place during school holidays.