Please see the Key Downloads documents for information that informs the school's expectations for its students' Behaviour for Learning.

Through lessons, assemblies, house competitions and meetings, we endeavour to celebrate and reward the personal and academic successes of all Tiffin girls. Behaviour around the school involves moving around the building in a way that shows respect for others, caring for its environment and understanding that Behaviour for Learning requires commitment, resilience, engagement, punctuality and courtesy in and out of lessons and school.

As a school we aim for all young women who are educated with us to Achieve highly, Participate fully and Decide wisely. This is built on our shared belief that it is important that all students:
  • thrive in their learning environment
  • engage positively with new experiences and understanding
  • develop personal insight
  • manage uncertainty confidently
  • engage perceptively and caringly with the world around them.

It is because of this that we value the qualities of honesty, trust, endeavour, resilience, challenge and mutual respect in our school community.