The Tiffin Girls' School is greatly supported by its four main assocations - the Parent Staff Association (PSA), the Tiffin Girls' Music Society (TGMS), the Tiffin Old Girls' Association (TOGA) and most recently, Tiffin Girls' Alumnae.

Each of our associations supports the school in very many ways. We are extremely grateful for their generous fundraising activities, whether for sheet music for the Music Department or new boards in all the classrooms - all of which we owe to our associations. Members give generously of their time to speak with girls about their chosen career paths, encouraging girls into sectors or professions they may not otherwise be considering. TOGA and Tiffin Girls' Alumnae also help ensure that the Tiffin spirt remains alive through uniting former friends and organising events for those who have recently, and not so recently, left us.

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