The aim of Assessment and Feedback at The Tiffin Girls’ School is to provide high quality feedback for students that enables them to make rapid and sustained progress.

Feedback also:
  • Ensures that students know their current standard of learning, what they are doing well and know what they need to do next to improve
  • Ensures that students receive personalised support to meet the demands of the curriculum
  • Provides feedback for the teacher so that they know how to adapt their planning and the department’s curriculum to best suit the student/s
  • Creates a dialogue between teacher and student about learning
  • Ensures students become takes more responsibility for their learning and therefore becomes more independent

There are many different types of feedback. All types of feedback aim to enhance student progress.   These are used in a variety of ways by teachers and can include day to day assessment for learning strategies, formative assessment or summative assessment. Students may be assessed and have feedback on in-class learning activities, exercise books, homework tasks, tests or examinations.

Students engage with their own assessment through Directed Response Improvement Time (DIRT), self assessment and peer assessment. Whenever students are assessed by the teacher, feedback will be verbal, written, electronic/online or a combination.