New Sports Hall

The school has been given full approval and just over £2.9m in funding from the Department for Education (DfE) to build a new Sports Hall on The Tiffin Girls' School site at the rear of the property. We aim to deliver a truly transformational new facility for the students and local residents.

A Sports Hall helps deliver against the school’s values, as it will help inspire the next generation of women in sport, promote physical and mental wellbeing, tackle inequality of facilities in the local area and support the local community with high quality and varied sporting provision. 

Why is a new Sports Hall needed?

  • To provide a ‘fit for purpose’ Sports Hall, as the current small gymnasium spaces do not meet any category on Sport England’s guidelines for ‘minimum new build hall sizes for each sport’ for any of the sports we provide
  • To address the inequality of the sporting facilities in the local area – only one other school in the LA doesn’t have a ‘fit for use’ sports hall. The school has grown in population by 50% over 5 years and is now at capacity, so improving the facilities available to the students is critical
  • To forge stronger links and support the needs of our local community by offering an enhanced range of sporting facilities outside of school hours
  • To support the participation of girls in Sport, PE and recreational activities, demonstrating that the Local Authority takes its responsibility seriously when providing equality of sporting opportunities
  • To help deliver against RBK’s Local Plan and vision for ‘increasing participation in physical activity and sport to improve the health and wellbeing for all’.



About the proposed development

  • The height of the building has been kept to a bare minimum based on Sport England requirements for badminton, netball and basketball and will provide an all-weather school and community facility
  • The placement of the building is such that it links with the existing changing room facilities, which will also be refurbished as part of this project
  • Materials on the outside of the building are sympathetic to the existing building stock of the school
  • Tree screening will soften the boundary with adjacent properties
  • No windows are present on wall-facing properties
  • External lighting will be limited up to 9.30pm weekdays, 4.30pm weekends
  • Any traffic resulting from use of the new building will be accommodated on site as with current community use of facilities
  • Noise from the existing netball courts will be reduced as a result of more activities being timetabled indoors
  • We have received plannng permission and are anticipating construction will take place between Summer 2021 and Easter 2022
  • The contractor will be registering under the Considerate Constructors Scheme
  • Proposed Sports Development images (pdf)


Sport at the school

PE and Sport are thriving at Tiffin Girls’. The school’s ethos of excellence in sport (twitter account @tiffingirls_PE) sits comfortably alongside an approach that promotes participation in physical activity for fun, health (physical and mental) and recreation. By adopting the #thisgirlcan campaign philosophy, we seek to encourage girls to overcome their barriers to participation, not to worry about their body image, to build self-confidence and support them in continuing in a health-related activity after they leave education.

Improving the school’s facilities will help us increase participation among children and adults, regardless of background, ethnicity, age or ability in Kingston and surrounding boroughs. It will support our students and local community by developing their physical, mental, social and moral capacities through their regular involvement in PE, sport and physical activity.



Whilst we have been able to secure a significant capital investment from the government, sadly it will not cover all the related costs of this project. Whilst the funding will deliver the significant infrastructure costs required, we will be looking to initiate a fundraising campaign to cover a range of other areas, for example, the cost of all the sports equipment required to make it the best facility possible. If you are interested in supporting this wonderful project in any capacity, then please contact