A wide range of lunchtime and after school activities take place throughout the year.

We place great value on the role of extra curricular and co-curricular activities in developing girls as rounded young women. As well as discovering new interests and friends, girls are able to challenge themselves in different ways, shaping their characters, developing their independence and building their leadership qualities. There is an exceptional range of opportunities on offer, with many of the clubs being set up and led by students themselves, supported by our committed and enthusiastic staff. Girls are encouraged, and expected, to participate during lunchtime or after school.

The clubs, societies, groups and ensembles available during the school year include:

Art Fandom Club Orchestras
Badminton Feminist Society Percussion Ensemble
Book Club First Aid Club Photography Club
Brass Group Football Poetry Club
Chess Guitar Group Radio Plays
Choirs Gymnastics Rock Group
Cipher and Stenography Club History Society Science Club
Classics Society Hockey School Council
Cooking Club Knitting Scrabble
Creative Writing LGBTQ Society Strings
Debating Mandarin Table Tennis
Drama Club Maths Volleyball
Duke of Edinburgh Model United Nations Wind Band
Environmentalist Society Musical Theatre Writers’ Workshop
Explore Netball Young Enterprise