In Year Admissions Arrangements (Year 8-Year 11) for mid year entry 2022-23

Please refer to the In Year Admissions Arrangements 2022-23 in the Key Downloads box to the left for the admissions policy for In Year entry.

Please note that the normal entry points to the school are in Years 7 and Year 12 (Sixth Form). Only rarely do places become available in Years 8-11 ('in year') i.e. during the course of an academic year. A year group would normally be expected to move up through the school in its entirety following a student's entry to the school in Year 7. Applicants who have previously sat the admission tests for entry to Year 7 and have scored below the cut-off score are not eligible to be reconsidered again for entry to Years 8 to 11. Please note that for in year admissions, students are only considered for entry to the year group appropriate to their date of birth.

In Year applications must be made to Kingston Local Authority (RBK) on their In Year application form. If you wish to apply to The Tiffin Girls' School, you must name The Tiffin Girls' School on their form. Their form may be accessed via the RBK website. Pupil Information Forms (PIFs) completed by previous schools as part of a child's In Year application are now provided to parents as a Google form. Both the In Year application form and PIF are available on RBK's website here: 
RBK website - In Year information, application & PIF.

Once an In Year Application Form has been received by Kingston Local Authority, the school will send its In Year Supplementary Information Form which applicants are required to complete before being invited for testing in school at the next available opportunity. The school runs In Year selection tests towards the end of each term. The selection test will consist of a Mathematics and English test. The test for each year group is different. Applicants will receive a list of Maths topics before the test day. The English paper will consist of a reading comprehension section and a writing section. An applicant must meet the required standard in the Maths test and both sections of the English test to be eligible for a place at the school. The school’s required standard reflects the standard expected from a girl who demonstrates the capacity to progress and attain the grades achieved by the majority of our students at GCSE.

The Tiffin Girls' School will inform applicants' parents and Kingston Local Authority of the outcome of the application.


In Year admissions: