Head of Department:  Ms R Ranford

Teachers:  Dr K Jackets

Psychology is a popular subject which is attractive to students because it develops a range of valuable skills, including critical analysis, independent thinking and research. These skills are particularly relevant to young people and are transferable to further study and the workplace.

The Psychology department at The Tiffin Girls’ School offers an engaging and stimulating introduction to the study of psychology, combined with the academic integrity and skills that higher education and employers value. Fascinating topics include psychopathology (abnormality), social influence, relationships and memory.

There are many opportunities for enrichment during the year; with trips to The Freud Museum, The Jack The Ripper Tour in addition to evening lectures at The Royal Holloway University and a monthly film club. We also celebrate World Mental Health Day, raising awareness and funds for local charities.

Psychology is a thriving academic discipline with careers in clinical, occupational, educational, sport and forensic psychology. It also lies at the intersection of many other disciplines, including medicine, linguistics, philosophy, anthropology and artificial intelligence. Many of our A-Level psychology students go on to study psychology, medicine, audiology and neuroscience at Oxbridge and Russell Group universities.