Heads of Department:  Ms I Larroque (French) and Mr A Tacoronte (Spanish)

Teachers:  Mr M Price  |  Mrs S Etteh  |  Miss N Rubiales  |  Ms L Curtin  |  Ms E Kilburn

The Modern Languages Department at The Tiffin Girls’ School teaches French and Spanish throughout a student’s time in school. Our shared aim is that our students develop openness towards other cultures and understanding through their learning of the richness unique to each language. In a global community, understanding the principles of different languages and how to apply them to learning new ones is a vital skill a young person develops. We promote a positive language-learning experience through the four key skills of listening, reading, writing and speaking that we hope leaves a life-long enthusiasm of language and a willingness to explore new languages and horizons.
Along the way, a language student will learn how to appreciate the nuances of language and the subtleties of cultural differences that contextualise the language, in all its richness and diversity. Learning languages gives our students a critical understanding of grammar, enabling them to study new languages with confidence and structural understanding. Many of our students go on to study International Relations, Business or Finance, European Social and Political Studies, as well as continuing their studies in French and Spanish or opting to study new ones.