Head of Department:  Mrs S Fooks

Teachers: Mr Z Cui  |  Mrs S Barakzai  |  Dr S Harbron  |  Miss S Krishna
Mrs J Sehgal  |  Mr M Shah  |  Mrs S Urquhart  |  Mrs E Hughes  |  Mrs S Watson
Mrs G Ryeztsova  |  Mr D Studd

Mathematics is a core curriculum subject and is one of the key elements evaluated prior to entry to the school. The Mathematics Department at The Tiffin Girls’ School provides a broad range of teaching and learning experiences in order for all girls to fulfil their potential. Students with a natural ability in Mathematics participate annually in a range of competitions including UKMT Maths Challenges both individually and as part of a team. A team is then put forward for the extremely challenging Hans Woyda Competition, where The Tiffin Girls’ School has had much success. Year 12 mathematicians support other students in their learning and help out at the community masterclasses run for pupils of five local primary schools. Students see at firsthand the practical application maths has had through trips to Bletchley Park, inspiring a Code Fair of its own.
Mathematics demands intellectual rigour and academic discipline. Mathematics students are problem solvers, logical thinkers and are able to link patterns in abstract situations to real life applications. Students who continue their studies in other disciplines value the transferable skills Mathematics provides. Many students go on to study Mathematics or mathematically-related subjects such as Physics, Computer Science, Economics or Engineering at university.