Head of Department:  Mrs L Metcalf

Teachers:  Mrs A Harris  |  Ms C Rees  |  Mr O Green

The History Department at The Tiffin Girls’ School is passionate about making the past relevant to its students through its exploration of key events, the context in which they took place and how they have shaped the world today. We believe the study of history is central to a balanced education, providing students with the skills to interpret source materials, understand the relevance of past societies and cultures and develop a joy of learning through their study of the past. Trips to Dover Castle, Canterbury Cathedral, the Museum of London, the National Archives and the battlefields of WW1 are just some of the trips that engage students beyond the classroom. 
Year 10 students study 20th century International Relations and an indepth study of China, while Year 11 focuses on 1960s American Civil Rights and turn of the 19th/20th century in Britain. Year 12 A Level students divide their studies between the Tudor Monarchs 1485–1547 and Weimar Germany 1918–1933. Year 13 A Level students’ coursework covers a century of American foreign policy while their examined unit looks at the power of the mid and late Tudor monarchs. 
The History Department is committed to developing our students’ enquiring minds, enabling them to analyse, interpret and challenge the telling of historic events. History students evaluate primary and secondary source materials and are able to organise their thoughts coherently and present their arguments logically and persuasively. Through Balloon Debates and the History Society, students demonstrate their passion and enthusiasm for some of history’s most charismatic figures.
Many of our students go on to study Ancient History, Social Anthropology, History & International Relations as well as History and Law at leading universities around the country.