Head of Department:  Ms L Campbell

Teachers:  Mr N Graff  |  Ms S Finch  |  Ms C Hocking  |  Mrs F Pounds  |  Dr K Jackets  Ms P Obhrai  |  Ms A Castle  |  Mrs K Simpson  |  Ms E Kilburn

The English Department at The Tiffin Girls’ School is at the heart of the curriculum. We aim to give all students a rich and diverse learning experience that will instil in them a lasting appreciation for language and literature. Our programmes of study are designed to ensure that all students develop a profound understanding by studying and analysing a wide range of written, spoken and visual texts, taking them on a journey from the earliest written texts in English to the modern day. We aim to encourage students to communicate with confidence and sophistication through their written and spoken work. 

Our diverse theatre trips support classroom learning and we work closely with the Drama Department to develop students’ appreciation of English through literature, the theatre, prose and poetry. We celebrate National Poetry Day, National Storytelling Week and World Book Day through a varied programme of events each year. Working in conjunction with the Learning Resource Centre, students have been inspired first hand by authors talking about the experiences that have shaped their writing, whether through comics or books. Through participating in public speaking competitions and the debating society, students gain confidence, arguing persuasively and coherently. Many of our students go on to study English, Law, English Literature & Theatre Studies and English Literature & Creative Writing at Oxbridge and Russell Group universities.