Head of Department:  Ms P Winter

Teachers:  Miss R Smith  |  Ms S Finch

Drama is an enriching subject, providing rewarding activities that inspire, inform, stimulate, challenge and entertain. The study of Drama helps develop the capacity to formulate and communicate ideas and feelings; enhances perceptual skills through responding, developing and evaluating, and physical skills through control and use of movement. Involvement in Drama fosters a positive attitude among students by developing a wide range of qualities such as cooperation, enthusiasm, passion, inspiration, tenacity and ambition. Involvement in Drama helps students acquire an important sense of belonging as well as building self-confidence. It provides many opportunities for students to achieve fulfilment and awareness.
Students have the opportunity to perform in a range of productions and showcase their practical work. They are given opportunities to become proficient not only as performers, but also in the realms of design (costume, make-up, set) and technical (lighting and sound), direction and stage management. The Department arranges visits from professional actors, drama groups and theatre companies to enhance the learning experience. There are also many trips to West End and fringe theatre.
As well as being an intrinsically enriching subject, Drama as a discrete subject builds performance skills and also inspires students to think creatively. Students develop self-confidence and become confident in delivery, assured in public speaking and disciplined in self-control. The group preparation of a piece of drama involves the skills of teamwork, negotiation, organisation, planning and working to a deadline. The evaluation of work in progress and the appreciation of live performance hone skills of critical analysis and interpretation. Drama actively draws on student attitudes, values and opinions, enhancing spiritual, moral and cultural development.


News, Trips and Events

Shakespeare Festival May 21

Shakespeare Festival May 21

Watch our three 30 minute Shakespeare productions online