Head of Department:  Mr R Carpenter

Teachers: Mrs R Vernon

The Computer Science department at The Tiffin Girls’ School offers a popular subject that students embrace across the curriculum. The department aims to stretch the girls’ understanding and skills across a wide range of computing topics including programming, visual literacy, and the creation and editing of documents, images or videos. The ethos of the department is to demonstrate, embrace, evolve and innovate using a number of different approaches. We aim to open students’ minds to the vast possibilities that are available to them in the technological age. Year 13 Technical Support Officers lead the way in many school productions, inspiring others in film making, digital photography and graphics technology.
The school is host to more than 300 computers, 120 of which are in the IT rooms, together with interactive whiteboards, printers and scanners. Students have open access to the IT rooms outside lessons and staff have access to netbooks for IT-based classroom work.
Students thrive in the creative technological environment provided at school and use the school’s online learning platform in their everyday studies. Students go on to study Computer Science at leading universities and students specialising in other disciplines take with them the key transferable analytical, problem solving and technical skills learned in studying computer science, as well as the ability to learn new skills quickly for themselves.